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AB Physiotherapy, Bradford. Now I Can Relax.

Breast cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colon cancer and many more life threatening diseases and conditions that plague the world we live in, causing heartbreak and devastation to individuals, families and friends around the world.

But what if we could help ourselves?

Yes, these are terrible conditions, yes they cause misery and yes we might not have a definitive cure, but they’re are ways in which we can at least give ourselves a fighting chance in having a fit, healthy and long lasting life.

Enter, Andy, a Physiotherapist based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Andy is based at Core Gym, Bradford and is qualified in ;

  • BSc (HONS) Physiotherapy
  • Taping and Strapping Certificate
  • Level 3 in Sports Massage

But what exactly is Physiotherapy?


‘Physiotherapy can be described as the treatment of injuries and illness using evidence based interventions to best suit the service user.’ 

Andy Boote 


I’ve personally had back problems since my late teens, even though I would class myself as being naturally fit. However now in my early 30’s I’m looking to remain consistently fit and keep my body as strong as it can be. Andy is very knowledgeable regarding the science behind how and why Physiotherapy is good for you and I’ll share these reasons with you below.

My back is a nightmare. I wake up often due to my shoulders feeling sore and my neck is constantly stiff. So hopefully my physiotherapy session can solve my issues.

Firstly Andy offers a short consultation about my medical history and any areas of my body I’m concerned about. At this point I’m debating whether I let him know that I’m more concerned my arms are half the size of his and does he offer a service that makes me look half as buff as him. But I opt to remain professional and place my frail self on the table. It’s time to eradicate these aches and pains.

Focusing on my upper back and shoulder pain


 7 Proven benefits of Physiotherapy ;

  • Reduces Muscle Pain
  • Increases Mobility and Function
  • Improves Posture
  • Prevents Injury
  • Improves Fitness
  • Improves Strength
  • Improves Balance

During my 45 minute session Andy is unbelievably professional. I’m guided through exactly the areas of my body that seem to place issues and how my everyday profession can be a cause of my worries.

If you’re worried that having a physiotherapy session will be too painful for you then please fear not. Andy is clear in making sure you are always comfortable and will ask you if the pressure he applies is OK or can he apply more or less pressure.

So this is great, but what about the results? Well I’m glad you asked. When my session is complete (which I’m gutted it did), I feel genuinely relaxed. My back and shoulder knots feel massively loose and in all honesty I’m feeling overall de-stressed.

If you’re looking to restore movement and function in a particular area of your body or are concerned about an injury and wanting a full recovery then please consider speaking to Andy at AB Physiotherapy. A thoroughly great experience.

To contact Andy you can ;

Call : 07463224555

Email : andy@abphysiotherapy.uk

Instagram : AB Physiotherapy

Facebook : AB Physiotherapy

AB Physiotherapy location, Core Gym, Bradford


A professional and relaxing experience.

Thanks for reading, 

Stephen George Forster,

Do you have any sports injuries and need help and advice? Contact me now.


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