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Autumn and Winter Covered with The Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket.

Brisk Autumn days, frosty Winter mornings and the most wonderful time of the year. All the while made even more exciting with a jacket I can wear that’s elegantly slick, marvelously comfy and will last a lifetime, the Levi’s Sherpa Jacket.

I never thought I would wear a ‘Trucker’ jacket. I mean what am I, a long distance lorry driver? I wish. Imagine the glorious sights and Ginsters pies you could scoff.

I am a massive fan of Denim jackets. My wardrobe looks like I’ve had an orgy with B*Witched.

But this Levi’s masterpiece is Cord. Well 67% cotton and 37% polyester. Me wearing cord? Surely not. Dad’s wear cord. Jeremy Clarkson wears cord. Is Levi’s heading this direction with it’s style? Let’s see.

The Levi’s Sherpa Jacket comes in Black Cordoroy as well as Chino Cordoroy colour


As I put on the Sherpa Jacket, my first thought is, ‘my God this is comfy!’ Perhaps that’s due to the Sherpa lining. But what is Sherpa? Well my research tells me it’s a soft, thick polyester fabric. Basically I have my entire upper body inside what appears to resemble a sheep. I’ve had worse animals over me.

The comfort you feel when you wear this jacket totally exceeds any denim jacket. Why? Because it’s the softest, warmest and most satisfying experience you’ll encounter. It fits like a glove and moves away from the skinny feel of a denim jacket. This jacket is very light and is a perfect choice if you prefer a comfy, warm jacket over a big, winter coat. And honestly, this jacket is so snug you could sleep in it.

Full button placket with branded metal shanks


Levi’s is notorious for sticking to it’s American routes. And the Sherpa Trucker Jacket is no exception. You almost feel like Clint Eastwood in a western movie when out and about in this. I went looking for a bar fight, then remembered I forgot my Colt Revolver. Still, at least I looked the part.

Wear this item with anything you want. It works. And it’s Levis. With 4 front pockets and classic seaming for added detail. And unlike denim jackets who can sometimes appeal to only a certain demographic, the Sherpa Trucker Jacket can be worn young and old.

Looks like cord is making a come back. Now to call Clarkson to find the pants to match.

Thanks for reading,

Stephen George Forster

All images we’re taken by the talented Matt Mccormick in Leeds City Centre. Visit Matt’s website here ; http://www.mattmccormick.co.uk/


Lads, if you’re looking for the perfect Autumn and Winter jacket then please consider this. You can shop the Levi’s jacket below. I’ll be posting next week about the rest of my outfit so keep your eyes peeled.

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Have you shopped with Levi’s before? What are your favorite products? I’d love to hear your reviews. 


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