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Belvoir Fruit Farms | Light Elderflower

I’m not entirely sure if the guys over at Belvoir Fruit Farms intended for their range to be mixed with gin, but that’s pricisely what I opted for, well at first anyway.

If you read my recent Bombay Sapphire post you’ll know that I adore my gin with lime and lemondade. But why not push the boat out, why not let the purse strings loose, why not try elderflower, I hear you ask.

I intentionally shopped around for the perfect elderflower drink to match my choice of gin and while this was fun it sure was a challenge. Belvoir Fruit Farms¬†stood out to me for 2 reasons. First, it’s made with real lemon juice which it unbelievably distinct in both small and taste. And second, this elderflower drink has 30% less sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

This particular flavour has all the right things going for it coming upto these boiling late evenings. The fresh, natural zingy taste leaves you wanting more and if you’d prefer it alone in a glass of ice I would definitely try that. Given the choice now between a fresh Belvoir or canned fizzy drink? Belvoir wins.

The full range of Belvoir Fruit Farms flavours can be found here.

Photos by Matt Mcormick

Venue Issho, Leeds

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Stephen Forster

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