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Bloggers To Look Out For In 2019 // Take 4

Michael at Millenium Bridge, London

The next blogger and my fourth pic for Instagram accounts to keep an eye out for in 2019 is Mr Michael Joseph Hardwick.

 Who is Michael Joseph Hardwick? 

I’m an Eccentric, Creative guy, who isn’t afraid to rock a sequin suit, or share my personal life in order to help others. I’m from Norfolk, however moved to London for University, having graduated this year in Film & Television Studies. Aspiring Director or Producer, and previous musical theatre performer. 

How did you start on your creative journey?

During my degree, and working in PR & Marketing in Mayfair Nightlife, I didn’t feel I was investing in myself. Being from a performing arts background, I needed even more of a creative outreach. I was invited to my first press day, and met so many amazing creatives. It was the social aspect and the urge to create my own ideas, that got the ball rolling for me.

Michael on Oxford Street, London

What makes you want to get up on a morning?

If you want to be successful in this world, you can’t sit around and wait for something to happen. Sometimes this is hard. I suffer from mental health issues, and have had a lot of personal troubles this year which have taken me off my goals. But in 2019, the work really begins. 

Favourite image taken of you?

One of my favourite images, is when I kind of felt good in myself. I stared at the photos and felt a little emotional, realising it was me! It also completely represented me, bold, stylistic, not just following the stereotypical menswear idealisms pushed upon us. My Favourite Brand is Twisted Tailor, formerly known as Noose & Monkey, where all my sequin dreams come true when it comes to Suit Jackets, who are super flexible and let me just do my thing! 

Michael at St Albans Cathedral

Ideal Brand to Work With? 

Hm, I definitely want to work with Ted Baker in the new year. 

Where will we see you in 5 years?

Well, that’s a difficult question. Definitely a main male content creator, with my videography skills being heavily used in commercials, billboard ads, with high end brands. 

Any pet peeves?

Hm. Fake people, bullies, who are put on a podium yet in the real world are completely different to what they perceive to be. Brands that don’t understand what you’re doing for them, and the time it takes! I’m being a social media manager, a photographer, a videographer, an editor, all in one role. I really also dislike people who say I don’t “do much” or this isn’t a “proper job” It’s such a small minded attitude. People need to realise the Digital Era has taken over by storm. It’ll only grow. 

Michael on Bond Street, London

Advice to aspiring bloggers and creators out there?

Don’t wait. Start now! Whats stopping you? Don’t let anyone stop you doing anything. Keep true to yourself. People will like you for being you, so don’t try to be anyone else. Be prepared to enter a lions den sometimes, and make sure you can handle the cons as well as the pros of this industry.

Michael Joseph Hardwick, Thank you sir.

To follow Michael on Instagram, click here.


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