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Bloggers To Look out for in 2019 // Take 10

Mr Tom Sheard looking elegant in his smart/ casual outfit here

What’s that sorry? You’re looking for the man with the best hair and fashion in the UK? Don’t worry about it, put your wine and chocolate digestives down son, I’ve found him for you.

Let me present to you my blogger number 10 to look out for in 2019, Mr Tom Sheard.

Who is Tom Sheard?

I’m 28, born & raised in Leeds and I’d like to think of myself as a down to earth, genuine and honest guy. I have a head full of dreams and aspirations and to be honest a million things going on most of the time.

I love fashion, travel, food, friends and I love animals (dog’s and whales are my favourite animals). My main purpose in life is just to be a decent human being. Nice, considerate and kind to others.

Work wise i’m a number of things; I work full time in finance the least glamorous side to my life so I’ll swiftly move on but I also own my own natural men’s grooming & lifestyle brand – Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo. My brand went on to win the #SBS award created and backed by Dragon Den’s star Theo Paphitis. Additionally to that I love to work out and run a busy lifestyle blogging and having my go at social influencer marketing. Last but not least, she’s a part of me… I have a French bulldog called Marlin.

Visit Tom’s grooming brand here.


Where did your creative journey begin?

My creative journey started pretty swiftly to be honest. I was one of the “originals” of instagram and downloaded it within its first year however, as we are all aware its a very different place now.

My eye for photography led me to create my own Insta page which ended up doing quite well as a photography page. All my original photos are still there if you scroll alllllll the way to the bottom. I dont want to get rid of that as its shaped what I am today.

A few years later where Selfies were more acceptable on instagram I decided to add my own. Slowly and surely more followers came and then the next thing you know within a year i’d gone up 20k+. It was at 10k followers that brands started approaching me an I realised that I could use both my talent and love for photography and mix that with my other love of fashion and small businesses.

I started to give back in ways of content and this has snowballed. I’ve learnt a lot from that to help promote my own business too. Most recently I have started my blog ( and a secret YouTube channel) and I am loving every minute of both of them.

What makes you wake up on a morning?

In simple, 2019 is going to be my year. That’s a very maybe over-confident slightly arrogant and selfish way of looking at things but recently I have learnt a lot about myself. I love to work for me and do you know what, i’m actually not bad at it.

I want to smash this year for myself, keep only positive like-minded people around me and continue to grow my online presence. I’m hoping to be at a place by the end of the year, I can take that leap and consider myself self-employed.

What brand has been your favourite to collaborate with?

My favourite collaboration so far has to be with Polo Ralph Lauren. Little old me working for somebody like them. It was an honour and I’ve done three campaigns with them now and written a blog post for them. They allow you the freedom to create something only I can see. I like that with a brand.

Ideal brand to work with down the line?

An ideal brand for me to work with would be some of the high-street menswear brands. Topman, New look, Burton Menswear, Zara. They are all brands I trust and recently they are bringing out some amazing stuff – How do I know this, its all over Instagram and blogs of course! Another brand would be some sort of travelling collaboration – I’ve already been to restaurants, festival’s all sorts of events but actually working with a brand to blog and showcase a trip away would be magic! That said I love local northern brands, especially up here in Leeds. Helping out small brands is something I like to do , these guy’s need all the help they can get, I know this all too well having my own small business so its kind to help out for free when creating content is something I actually love to do.

Where will we see you in 5 years?

In 5 years time I’ll be self employed, my business will be an even bigger success with an established shop hopefully in Leeds. I’ll be well known in the influencer and blogger market and I’ll be an established self made content creator. I’ll live a nice life seeing my closest friends and family and I’ll have the body I’ve always wanted. Last but not least ( and the most important) I’ll be happy. It sounds like a lot, but every day I’m trying to be more confident and ambitious and putting myself out of my comfort zone.

Any pet peeves?

Pet peeves of mine other than been late when its not my fault, rushing, and rude people I would say not getting a response or paid for work you have created. Sometimes in this industry brands want you, they give you a brief, you follow it exactly, spend time creating content, sometimes even buying the products only for them to decline your offer and dissapear. Unfortunately , this does happen but I truly believe when one door closes another opens and that also happens in this industry. Sometimes I’ve have some of my best campaigns or offers slide into my DM’s only seconds after been left down by another brand. 

Advice to aspiring bloggers and creators out there?

My advice would be that if you are creative, just believe in yourself be confident and go with it. Don’t copy but look for inspiration and do you know what… just talk to people.

Ask questions, I have met some amazing people doing just that. Social media is an amazing place to get all the information you need to get you on your way, so ask and people will help. Be smart with your work and don’t be downhearted when you don’t get that one gig you wanted, there are plenty more just around the corner.

Don’t care what anybody else things ( not in all cases) in other words because opinions do matter, but remember that… It is just opinions. Persevere and just be happy.

Mr Tom Sheard, thank you sir

To visit Tom’s website click here

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