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Bloggers to Look Out for in 2019 // Take 12

Next on my list of bloggers to keep an eye out for is fashion and lifestyle blogger Mr Gianni Casagrande.

Who is Gianni? 

I’m a men’s lifestyle blogger, marketing graduate and social media strategist based in the north east of England! I spend my day helping retailers grow online through social media and my evenings creating content on my award-winning blog, thegedituk.com. As every young millennial is these days, I love coffee shops, restaurants and the movies! 

How did you start on your creative journey?

I’ve been a creative person from as long as I can remember, freelancing in photography and design from 15 years old, but the whole blogging career started in my mid-teens when I had really bad acne, so I wanted to document every product I was trying to see if it was working or not. Over time, my blog became public and I realised there was an audience out there that needed this essential, REAL, information about the reality of teen acne. I then started introducing lifestyle and fashion content alongside everything in between. 

What makes you want to get up on a morning?

A double espresso… haha. The real motivator for me right now is my social media career and freelance company. I have so many exciting projects right now that I’m always thinking about what’s next. I’ve come into 2019 feeling super inspired, which is pushing me to do my absolute best with everything I have going on right now. 

Favourite image taken of you and favourite brand you’ve worked with? 

This is by far the favourite taken of me (see below.) Not necessarily because of the image but it always reminds me of that moment in my life. I had so many exciting projects at the time working with some incredible brands. It was 1 week before LFW and I remember writing the blog post where these images featured (I was working with Remus Uomo, one of my favourite brands) feeling super grateful and lucky.

My favourite brand I’ve worked with is probably The Body Shop when their head office asked me to host an event at their North East flagship store. Even the title ‘The Body Shop x The G Edit’ felt surreal. Over 50 people turned up to the event and it was an iconic moment in my career. I’ll be forever grateful for that opportunity. 

Ideal brand to work with down the line?

My dream blog partnership would definitely be a high couture brand such as Dior or Balmain. That would be an absolute dream! I’ve adored couture fashion since I was young, and I always feel so inspired when I see new collections launch and fashion week snapshots. 

Where will we see you in 5 years?

In 5 years time, I hope to be still blogging, documenting more fashion related content alongside my lifestyle posts. I also hope to own a social media marketing agency and work self-employed remotely from different areas of the UK. I love traveling around the UK so this would be an absolute dream. 

Any pet peeves?

The blogger industry drama. There’s nothing worse than logging onto Twitter and seeing so much negativity. When I started blogging the community was so friendly, supportive and approachable. Even those who were making a significant income at the time were hugely supportive. Unfortunately, there’s a huge negative blanket on top of the blogging world and I hope attitudes change so it can get somewhere close to what it use to be #spreadthelove. 

Advice to aspiring bloggers and creators out there?

Stay authentic, don’t give up on your ideas and thoughts because you feel others won’t like them.

Don’t be ashamed to write about what you feel is right. Staying true to yourself is why people invest in you. 

Don’t be afraid to share your content publicly.

Network, network, network! Get in touch with brands, fellow bloggers and content creators. 

Research SEO, content writing and blogging best practice. 

Focus most on your own personal brand.

Gianni Casagrande, thank you sir.

To visit Giannis Instagram click here.

To visit Giannis website click here.

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