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Bloggers to look out for in 2019 // take 13

My final blogger to keep an eye on in 2019 is my savvy himself, Alexander Mchale.

Who is Mr Mchale? 

Trying to be a modern gentleman 

How did you start on your creative journey?

I’ve always loved experimenting with photography. When I went travelling after university I started posting photos on Instagram and soon developed a really engaged following. Once I got back to London I continued my photography but in a more urban style to my new life in The City. 

What makes you want to get up on a morning?

I love creating content. My favourite thing is getting up early to beat the crowds at an amazing London shoot location… Oh and coffee!

Favourite image taken of you and favourite brand you’ve worked with?

I’ve really enjoyed working with Massimo Dutti as they have given me lots of creative freedom.

Ideal brand to work with down the line?

I’d love to work with Burberry and Raf Simmons. 

Where will we see you in 5 years?

Probably writing my first book, launching my own label or homeware brand, I’d love to create a tangible product as everything I create now is online. My whole brand is an abstract concept so I’d love to have something my grandma could hold and understand!

Any pet peeves?

I hate loud chewers, unfortunately I live with one of those so I’m working on that one.

Also people who don’t cover their mouth when they cough – were you raised by wolves?!

Advice to aspiring bloggers and creators out there?

The best way to learn is to look at those who inspire you and try to emulate them. I’m not saying go copy the style of your favourite creators but by learning their process you will discover your own style along the way.

Mr Mchale, thank you sir.

To visit Alexanders Instagram page click here.

To visit Alexanders website click here.

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