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Bloggers To Look Out for in 2019 // Take 9

A very dapper looking Mr Ed Lemont, aka ‘Mr Thirty Something’

My next male blogger to keep a close eye out for in 2019 is Mr Ed Lemont.

 Who is Ed Lemont?

Ed Lemont, is a thirty-something guy born and raised in the UK, with passions stemming across male grooming, fashion, luxury travel and everything in-between.

How did you start on your creative journey?

It actually stemmed out of twenties insecurities. I was forever trying to find products to improve my appearance, whether that be grooming products or fashion. I turned this into a creative platform for with my first blog The Discerning Man, where I shared trial and error of discovering new products and fashion. My big break came back in 2016 when I underwent a very high profile hair transplant which I wrote for GQ. It gave me an audience of 20-30 something guys looking for impartial and honest reviews on the latest trends and innovations within grooming and fashion. 

What makes you want to get up on a morning?

I have a lot of get up and go! I’m very driven by thriving to better myself and work hard on my content for my followers and readers. Also coffee, that works very well!

Favourite image taken of you and favourite brand you’ve worked with? 

My favorite image taken of me has to be one I posted to my Instagram. It was taken in Joshua Tree desert by LA-based Influencer Alex Fost, I adore the light and backdrop – Golden hour is the Californian desert is truly something special. 

My favorite brand I’ve worked with has to be Just For Men, I’m an ambassador for them and have created content around their beard coloring kits, as well as partaking in events with them for NFL and Gentleman’s Grooming Show. What I love most about them, is that they researched me and my audience before approaching me to be an ambassador, making it a perfect and organic collaboration.

Ideal brand to work with down the line?

I worked with Seychelles tourist board in October last year and would love to work with my international tourist boards to create content to showcase their destination. I find travel so liberating and the perfect opportunity to unleash my creative potential.  

Where will we see you in 5 years?

I would love to have a full editorial team on board who reflect the categories on Mr Thirty-Something, for example, a food and drink connoisseur covering the Bites and Eats section, Gadget geek covering the Tech section and I’d probably stick to Grooming as it’s my main passion. 

Any pet peeves?

Chasing late invoices! It’s the same with all industries though. 

Advice to aspiring bloggers and creators out there?

Don’t go into this business to make money or validation, create something for yourself – A platform to share your passion and creativity on, and those followers and brands will come. 

Ed Lemont, thank you Sir

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