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Bud Light UK. #DillyDilly

I was kindly sent over a nice selection of light beers recently  from the lovely guys at Bud Light UK.

Not your typical 5%+ beer, Bud Light’s at 3.5% make it easy on the stomach to easily drink 2 or 3 without having any feeling of bloating.

I was able to showcase the Bud Light beers at The Alchemist Bar in Trinity, Leeds city centre.

To visit their website and see their fantastic range of cocktails and tasty menu click here https://thealchemist.uk.com/venues/trinity-leeds/

I hope you enjoy the photos me and Matt (photographer) put together. To see Matt’s work click here http://www.mattmccormick.co.uk/

My outfit was: (click to shop)

Jacket: The Black Label

Shirt: Primark Man

Tie and Chinos: Topman 

Shoes: Zara

Hair cut: No.3 Hair Leeds

Hair product: Black Label Grooming

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*Please note this post is an ad.



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