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Epernay Champagne Bar, Leeds. Iconic.

Zilch, Nada, Nothing, absolutely sweet FA. Just a few delightful ways of letting you know my knowledge on champagne hang outs in my home city of Leeds. But that’s about to change, courtesy of Leeds’ most iconic champagne bar, Epernay.

Sat just off Millenium Square and within the Electric Press Building, Epernay Champagne Bar impresses instantly. Entering the bar I’m welcomed by a cheerful smile from a dapper dressed gentleman who I’ll later find out is Bar Manager, Fabrizio. Expecting to be greeted with a ‘buonasera’, it was a pleasant surprise to know Fabrizio is half English, half Italian, so naturally he speaks clearer than a dragged up northerner aka, me.

Now call me old fashioned (or cheap) but I’ve never had table service for drinks, ever. So when I learn Fabrizio is our dedicated host for the night I’m feeling rather important, not arrogant, there’s a difference.

I’ll be honest, champagne isn’t usually my thing, so I’m glad I brought my girlfriend, she’ll drink anything. I moved straight onto the cocktail menu and my word I was in for a tasteful treat.

 As I glance over at the huge bar and vast abundance of exotic drinks, I see Fabrizio carefully putting together our cocktails of choice. Firstly we opt for Passion Fruit Champagne Mojito, which consists of Pampero Blanco, Fruits de la Passion, lime, mint, champagne syrup and Cremant. After only a small sip the strong scent and taste of lime hits instantly. A fantastic option for those who prefer a sweeter beverage.

Being a huge fan of a Strawberry Daiquiri and not seeing it on the menu, I wanted to put Epernay to the test. Fabrizio was more than willing to scrub something together and I wasn’t left disappointed. A fine mix of rum, strawberries sugar and lime juice, this sweet and delish beverage left me wanting more.

A mellow and comfortable atmosphere created by the dim lights, fantastic service and relaxed feel are many reasons that next time we’ll be sure to try out the excellent food menu on offer consisting of nibbles and sharing boards.

If cocktails and champagne don’t tickle your fancy then why not try the exceptional offerings of Premium Spirits on show? Or even still Brunch and Afternoon Tea might be more to your liking?

Epernay have bottles ranging from a modest Still Rose Wine, Rare Vineyards, Cinsault Vielles Vignes at £21.00 all the way up to a Dom Perignon, Oenotheque 1990 at £800.00.

Whatever your preference, I guarantee you’ll be left frustrated you haven’t experienced the delights of Epernay before.

A toast, to Epernay, Cheers.

Stephen George Forster

Have you been to Epernay before ? If so what’s your favorite drink? I would love to hear from you!


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