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ManCave Natural Men’s Grooming. Where have you been all my life?

I was lucky enough to receive a few goodies from ManCave recently. Nope, nothing to do with a secluded basement or garage filled with settees, video games and booze, which is a shame. However this is ‘ManCave’, the Natural Men’s Grooming company.

The outlook for ManCave is simple, provide a natural range of grooming products for men containing no nasty ingredients at an affordable rate. Let’s see what I found.

Lemon and Oak Shower Gel.

Filled with aloe vera


Instantly I’m intrigued. Lemon and Oak together, on my body? I mean I’m all for bark and lime shampoo but this might be a step too far.

The shower gel is, well, fascinating. Instantly I’m blown away by the smell. How ManCave managed to make a shower gel with natural extracts smell this good is a mystery. The gel cleanses and moisturises the skin leaving an endless aura of the lemon and oak. My body feels extra smooth due to the gel being filled with aloe vera and you can be rest assured this is totally free from any animal sources.

Willow Bark Face Wash

This carries anti-ageing elements and anti-swelling properties


It’s refreshing knowing that you’re putting a totally natural product on your face. Like the Shower Gel this has a wooden smell to it, not wooden so you feel you’re in carpenters back yard, but an outdoorsy, breath of fresh air, refreshing scent.

The wash feels very light on the skin which removes all debris and any unwanted oils. I feel reassured knowing this is filled with Green Tea, which carries anti-ageing elements and anti-swelling properties. The Spinach Extract is excellent for any blemishes you have because of its anti-inflammatory factors and Vitamin E which is proven to help skin look youthful and fresh.

SPF 20 Protective Moisturiser

With added Shea Butter and Radicare which are proven to help counteract signs of premature ageing.


I’m instantly drawn to moisturisers that have a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) added to the ingredients. The benefit of this moisturiser is that if you’re an outdoorsy person then you can apply this product after your Willowbark Face wash knowing you are protected throughout the day. Sun exposure also ages the skin and is a reason for wrinkles so ManCave have also added Shea Butter and Radicare which are proven to help counteract signs of premature ageing.

The feel of the moisturiser is soft, delicate and smooth but again the best reason for using this moisturiser again and again is the amazing natural and clean odour your left with.

Texturising Hair Paste

This is probably the best hair paste I have ever used, period.


I’ll get to the point, and I told the guys at ManCave this after only using this hair paste once, ‘This is probably the best hair paste I have ever used, period.’ The soft feel on your fingers when applying makes this paste easy to apply to your hair.

The great thing about it is you only need a small amount. Towel dry your hair, or blow dry if you prefer, then simply style your hair to the desired look you want.

But why is it ‘the best I have ever used?’ Well quite simply my hair looks neat, trendy and the product lasts a full day no matter what weather condition you are in. The whiskey fragrance of this paste is also a huge added bonus.

If you can find a better smelling natural grooming range for men please get in touch with me.

And for the guys at ManCave, let me know your secret, I would love to see how you make this range. No, seriously invite me over and show me, cheers.


Thanks for reading,

Stephen George 

Have you ever shopped with ManCave ? If so what are your favorite products? I would love to hear from you!


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