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My Everyday Morning Routine

Having a precise every day morning routine is key to starting out my day ahead. I like to look and feel great, so I can make the most of what the day has in store.  Look below at my step by step guide.

  1. 3- Blade shaver

Rule number one for me is making sure I shave as soon as I wake up. Whether I’m home, working away or on holiday I’ll always make sure my Panasonic 3- Blade shaver is by my side. With its multi flex 3d head I get a precise, close shave every time.

3- Blade shaver

  1. Shower

After my shave I’ll jump straight in the shower to refresh myself. My body wash of choice is Mancave Lemon and Oak Natural Skincare which leaves my body feeling fresh and smelling great throughput the day.

  1. Face Wash

Growing up and into my young adult life I’ve always had oily and acne prone skin. Last year I discovered the Dermalogica Oily Skin kit from website lemonskincare.com. In the shower I’ll use the Derma Clay Cleanser every morning and the skin prep scrub three times a week. Then once I’m out of the shower I’ll gently pat my face dry and the Multi Active Toner to my face 2 to 3 times then apply the Oil Control Lotion to avoid my skin looking dull and tired. Lastly, I’ll apply the Total Eye Care to cover up any dark circles.

  1. Hair

Next, I’ll apply my hair product. My current product of choice is Black Label Grooming. Whilst my hair is still wet I’ll spray on the Black Mist spray which adds extra volume and texture. Next, I’ll blow dry my hair to my desired style by following up with the Craft Clay which keeps has an amazing hold and will keep my hair shape throughout the day.

I’m now feeling fresh, energised and ready for all the day’s activities.

Thanks for reading,

Stephen Forster


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