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Myego Face Wash and Tinted Moisturiser

I was recently sent over a face wash and tinted moisturiser from UK based male grooming company Myego. My research tells me Myego aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to what’s best for male skin and they take great pride in the quality of their products.

From first glance I must say the packaging of these products is very smart. Not to mention the clean and subtle look of the exterior bottles. The texture of the face wash on your face is light and smooth and doesn’t have that nasty grit that some face washes have feeling like the wash is scrubbing away and damaging your skin, no this is as smooth as a face wash can be.

The crushed grapefruit ingredient allows your skin to feel and stay fresh all day whilst also detoxifying your skin and giving you an overall exfoliating feel. This face wash is also non drying so your skin will feel rejuvenated all day.

Myego Fontient tinted moisturiser and ten to seven face wash

Next to add the Fonteint tinted moisturiser. I myself hate that I’m naturally pale. When I get the chance to try out a moisturiser that has the benefit of adding a bit of colour to my face I jump at it.

Filled with natural ingredients such as Jojoba natural oil keeping the skin soft and subtle and if like me you’re prone to redness and spots then this is the perfect cover up giving your face a natural tanned look not leaving any streaks.

I recently used the tinted moisturiser on my Adidas Originals shoot. Why? Because I knew I would be having a lot of images taken and knowing I have a slight colour to my face gave me that extra bit of confidence. You can see the full images from that shoot here.

Mt recent Adidad Orignals shoot featuring the Myego Tinted Moisturiser

Myego are very clear that non of these products are tested on animals and no nasty parabens, alcohols, synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives. So rest assured you know you are giving your face a healthy treat it deserves.

Myego, thankyou.

To shop the full Myego products click here 


No animals are ever used in the testing process of Myego products.


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