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Neal & Wolf. Luxury Hair and Body Care, for Everyone.

Neal & Wolf have an abundance of hair and body products to show off. I was lucky enough to receive a goody bag recently containing ;


Complete 3-in-1 Cleanse and Conditioner

I’ll be honest, cos I’m that kinda guy, I usually hate products that serve more than one purpose. I like a product to get to the point and provide a need. In this case Neal & Wolf may have swayed me with their Complete 3-in-1 Cleanse and Conditioner. 

Firstly the smell of this product is ridiculously kind on the nostrils. A delicate perfume esque scent filled with a masculine finish leaves my hair and body feeling totally cleansed. Filled with Parthenon and Shea Butter to provide your skin with ultimate moisture and leaving your hair with added shine.

Style Shaping Cream

By far my favorite of the three hair products I received. This Style Shaping Cream is light in texture and delicate in feel. The less you use the better. A small pea sized amount on your palm, rub into both hands, and apply to towel dried or blow dried hair. For maximum benefits I work the cream after blow drying my hair and styling with a comb. The finish is excellent and your hair never feels greasy or dirty. You don’t want to miss out on this product.

Create Mattifying Paste

If you love a matte finish to your hair, then this Create Mattifying Paste is the product for you. Ideal for short or medium length hair to get that optimum finish. I actually experimented using this along with the Define Moulding Clay that Neal & Wolf provided. Mixing the two allowed me to get the stiffness and firm hold from the Clay and then applying a slight amount of Paste gave me the ability to run my hands through my hair if I need to re shape my style at any time during the day.

Both the Clay and Paste also work great individually.

Define Moulding Clay

Neal & Wolf have made luxury items popular due to their sleek packaging and no nonsense approach to the results their products will provide you.

With products starting around £12.95 you’re sure getting a bargain for your money.

Neal & Wolf, thank you.

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Have you ever used Neal & Wolf products ? If so what are your favorite products? I would love to hear from you!


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