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Nike Cortez. Craftsmanship at it’s finest.

One of the most recognisable trainers in history, the Nike Cortez.

Growing up the Cortez was a trainer I saw often. Why? Because they can be worn with any outfit, literally.

Walk through a busy city centre at 8am and look around. Males and females in tailored suits wearing Cortez. Fitness fanatics doing their early morning jog, wearing Cortez. Shoppers dashing around spending their hard earned wage, you guessed it, wearing Cortez.

The Cortez was first introduced to us in 1972 originally designed as a track shoe by co-owner of Nike Bill Bowerman. The sole aim (excuse the pun) of the Cortez was to offer athletes a comfortable and durable trainer capable of enduring distance training and road running.

And now? Well, the Cortez is a worldwide phenomenon. The versatility of the Cortez allows us to wear the trainer for any occasion whilst providing massive comfort and the unique style to match.

The simplicity of the Cortez is what makes this a stand out trainer for me. Also the fact they have stuck to the same style from 1972 and kept heritage to the original Cortez tells us that the Cortez is a timeless piece of fashion.

It really frustrates me when I hear people say ‘trainers are trainers.’ So wrong. You can’t get a trainer as comfy as the Cortez. Period.

The leather upper means the trainer is very hard wearing allowing your feet to remain stable. You don’t get a lot of movement in your feet which I see as positive because the herringbone traction pattern meaning you have extra durability and your feet remain stable and protected consistently.

The inner sole padding is like having your feet in some sort of trainer heaven. You know when your head hits the pillow when you have fresh pillow cases on after a wash where Lenor spreads it’s seed all over and you’re cotton and get that total relaxation where nothing else matters? It’s that feeling.

It’s 2017 and people are constantly on the move. We wake up and we’re on the go. Rushing around food shopping, dropping the kids off at school, hitting the gym, working all the hours god sends, and that’s just a Monday. Why not treat your feet to the luxury they deserve?

I have always been a fan of quality over quantity. How many of you have 5 + pairs of trainers just sitting away in the attic, cupboard or cellar doing nothing? You probably thought you got a bargain paying £30 a time for some average trainers that won’t last you 6 months. Where buying five pairs of basic footwear has wasted you £150 plus on drivel, why not buy one or 2 pairs or quality trainers that will both offer comfort and style, forever.

A huge array of Cortez colours means you’ll find yourself frustrated as to which to choose, but let’s face is theirs worse things you could stress over. Oh, you’ll also find yourself massively gutted that you’ve never owned a pair before. They’re that good.

Take your old trainers to a charity shop and make wardrobe space. You’re welcome in advance.

Prices ranging from £40 – £95 is a giveaway. No excuses.

Anyway, time to put my feet up, it’s been a long day. Someone pass me my slippers, sorry my Cortez’s.


Stephen George



Shop the Cortez range here and here 

Have you ever had a pair of Nike Cortez? Would you reccomend a particular colour or style? I would love to hear how you wear yours : )


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