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Scaramouche And Fandango. Bold and Brilliant. That’s it.

Thunder bolt of lightning, very very frightening. Nope, you’re looking for Queen lyrics, this a review of British Men’s grooming company, Scaramouche and Fandango.

In this set I received ;

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Face Scrub
  • Hydrator
  • Shave Cream and
  • Wash Bag

I’ll get to the point, instantly I realise this is by far the best presentation and packaging I have ever encountered for a grooming brand. I open the delivery and I see 6 items delicately wrapped in fancy grey tissue paper attached by a circular sticker with the S+F logo to match. Not to mention a black, bold wash bag to suit the set. Straight away you with know with these presentation skills this is a brand who clearly take great pride in the way they want their product to be perceived.

Neat, tidy, attentive packaging.

But what about the product? The product packaging is very minimalistic with bold abbreviated initials letting the customer know what each products purpose is i.e. ‘FS’ for Face Scrub. Not that they want to patronise the male market, but I think in an area where some males may perceive grooming to be a feminine area, it’s nice for a man to know instantly, ‘what is this?’

First to try the Body Wash. A modest smell leaves the skin not overwhelmed by any lingering perfume or stench which in turn keeps me feeling ultra-cleansed.

The Shampoo and Conditioner have unique, distinct smells which are almost impossible to describe. The odour is minimal but fresh and lingers far after you have rinsed it out. The Shampoo doesn’t lather up hugely but still leaves your hair feeling ultra clean. The Conditioner is bar far my favourite product in the whole range. The lightweight texture, masculine scent followed by a clean and boosted look makes styling your hair easier than most oily and smell free products.

‘A minimal masculine odour followed by a lightness in texture leaves me feeling awake, confident and looking shine free.’


Oil and dirt build up unfortunately can’t be avoided so by using this Face Scrub I feel a uniqueness of ultra-smooth skin once lathered into my face and neck and unlike some scrubs that can feel harsh and gritty this is delicate and cool leaving your skin feeling exfoliated and rejuvenated.

Once I have finished my shower routine I’m left with the final application, the Hydrator. I like to judge a moisturiser, or Hydrator in this case by the way it can make my skin look and feel some time after application. Too often I have been left with oily skin and looking dull and tired. This Hydrator thankfully doesn’t fall into any of these categories. A minimal masculine odour followed by a lightness in texture leaves me feeling awake, confident and looking shine free. An hour later, my skin looks tight and alive leaving me eager for my next application.

The Wash Bag also deserves a mention. Perfect for organising your grooming products, taking to the gym or travelling. Fit with an outside buttoned pouch and inside zip, along with a waterproof base to keep your bag dry from any wet bathroom surfaces.


S+F pride themselves on being a British made brand who stay clear of any Parabens and animal testing. Owners Ian and Kenny along with their small team have clearly done their research in creating a unique, masculine and quality product. I believe they deserve to reap the rewards and have permission to claim themselves as being one of the most unique British grooming companies of this generation.

Unfortunately, I was unable to use the Shave Cream due to only ever using an electrical shaver. I did however have a whiff, bloody delicious it is.

You can purchase the FULL WORKS set that I received here.

Scaramouche And Fandango, Thank you.

Stephen George 

Have you ever shopped with Scaramouche And Fandango ? If so what are your favorite products? I would love to hear from you!


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