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Staxx Protein Bar

So, I’ve started going to the gym again after months of putting off because “I’m too busy doing my hair” or “I’m watching Friends on Netflix from the start again”, don’t pretend you haven’t before. But what’s the point in going to the gym without a balanced diet or at least fuelling my body pre-gym?

When the guys over at Staxx Bar contacted me to try their protein bars it was a blessing. Staxx are aiming to get the message out that these bars aren’t just healthy and delicious, but they’re the best protein bar out in the market place right now.

I received all 4 Staxx Bars which include Cookies and Cream, Dark Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Caramel and Peanut Caramel.

Each bar contains the following:

  • Packed with 20g of High Quality Protein Per Bar
  • Only 2.4g of Net Carbs Per Bar
  • Contains Just 0.7g Of Sugar Per Bar





I’ll be honest I’ve tried a lot of protein bars in my time, despite what you may think of my physical appearance, and I must admit Staxx Bars are ahead of the game. With your typical protein bars or snacks you have to really chew your way through which is uncomfortable, hard work and unappealing. Staxx Bars are light, delicate and more importantly, unbelievably tasty.

For those looking for the ideal snack pre or post workout you genuinely need to test these bars. With 20g of high protein per bar you’re getting the necessary dose to maintain a healthy lifestyle weather if you’re bulking or aiming to get lean.

My personal favourite has to be the Dark Chocolate mint flavour. It has the distinct taste of a delicious mint chocolate ice cream mixed with a gorgeous, rich chocolate finish.

Staxx Bars are passionate about ensuring all of their products are the result of a relentless dedication to the best research, the best ingredients and the best flavours all merged to build the best overall range on the market and my word they’re sticking to their promise.

Staxx Bars, thankyou.

Thanks for looking,

Stephen Forster



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