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The Alchemist, Trinity, Leeds. Cocktails, Food And A Damn Good View.

Outside of London, Leeds is quickly becoming the most talked about, vibrant and fun filled city in the U.K. And that’s no surprise when we have spectacular venues like The Alchemist, Trinity to brag about.

Sitting right in the heart of Leeds City Centre, The Alchemist, Trinity takes pride on the second floor of the new (ish) Trinity Shopping Centre. When I’ve been in the Trinity I’ve often noticed dapper attired gentleman and glamorous dressed ladies making their way over to the stunning Alchemist entrance, which leads me to believe this it’s a venue where guests like to make an effort. Dressing up is what I look forward to, but it’s a Monday night, I’ll play it cool, double denim it is.

We were invited to have a meal for 2 with cocktails of our choice. Entering the grand entrance of The Alchemist we are greeted by the host who kindly guided us to the bar whilst our table is being prepared. This is Monday evening and I’m genuinely surprised how busy it is, not overwhelming and I think it took around 30 seconds for us to be served at the bar, but enough people to create a pleasant ambience.

It was quite refreshing to be offered a non alcoholic cocktail range and being the optimist I am, I gave it a shot, not literally. First up we go for ‘Kaleing Me Softly.‘ Named after a Fugees 90’s hit song this has to be worth a try. With fresh ingredients consisting of Apple, Kale, Elderflower, Cucumber and Mint, I had to remind myself I wasn’t in a gym and I should’t expect the bar tender to demand that we ‘Get down and give me 10!’ An ice cold delight with endless tasting goodness, this non alcololic beverage is a spectacular tasting as it is aesthetically.

Second non alcoholic drink, ‘Strawberry Colada.‘ A fruity, cold delight filled with Strawberry (obviously), Coconut, Lime and Pineapple. This fruity and exotic drink may as well be served on a luxurious Caribbean beach, but we’ll accept a delightful bar in rainy Leeds, for now.

Left, Strawberry Colada. Right, Kaleing Me Softly

After a few minutes of loving life at the comfy bar we are kindly shown to our dining seats. A small, cozy area, the dining area is perfectly idyllic.

After some debate on what grub to order due to large variety to choose from, we opt for Special Fried Chicken in a basket and The 9oz Premium Rib Eye Steak, with garlic butter, sweet potato fries and Peppercorn Sauce. With the Fried Chicken in a basket comes sweet potato fries and Red Cabbage Coleslaw. Being in a cocktail bar we definitely didn’t expect the meals to be as tasty as they were. Even if you’re just in Leeds for a few hours, please please try the sweet potato fries here, they’re ridiculously mouth watering.

Left, The Fried Chicken Basket. Right, the 9oz Premium Steak. We opted for the unbelievable sweet potato fries with both meals.

And next, to the main event, the piece de resistance, the much talked about, Alchemist Cocktails.

We decided to go for Lightbulb Moment and The ScrewballBefore I divulge into the absolute magnificence of these two delightful drinks I should pay a special mention to our attentive waiter and I’m sure he wont mind me saying this, a young man with potentially the best mustache in all of Leeds, hell forget that, in all of the U.K. AND the most accommodating member of staff I’ve possibly en counted. Hats off to The Alchemist Recruitment. Anyway enough flirting (he was good though), back to the cocktails.

The Lightbulb Moment is a concoction of Gin, Pimms, Ginger Beer, Rasberry Syrup, Lemon Mix, Lemon Zest, Mint and Dry Ice. If you’re looking for a dramatic, attention seeking, tasty and fun drink then I would highly recommend this bad boy. Sharp, zingy, endless alcohol flavour and a warm feel in your throat, this one isn’t to be forgotten… but enough about our waiter.

Here’s me being all cool with my unbelievably zingy Lightbulb Moment cocktail.

The Screwball 

This childlike tasting, bubblegum esc flavoured drink was very intriguing. Filled with Absolute Rasberry, Blue Curacao, White Chocolate Cream Foam, Apple Juice, Lime Juice, Bubblegum Syrup and Cherry Cocktails this is a drink for those with a sense of mischief and prefer a more Ice Cream feel to their cocktails. A really delightful and moreish drink.

When we’d finished our meal we decided to take a sneak peak to the outside seated area that has a very overwhelming view of Leeds City Centre. Unfortunately the weather was horrendous so I couldn’t get a decent enough photo, more the reason for you checking this out for yourself.

The Alchemist, Trinity you delivered in all areas possible and we can’t wait to see you again.

To visit The Alchemist website with their menus, special offers, Christmas Deals and much more, click on any picture or click here.


Thanks for reading,

Stephen George Forster

A huge array of alcoholic beverages to choose from.


Alchemist night? Double Denim, Sure.

Have you ever been to the Leeds Trinity Alchemist before? What are your favourite drinks and food?


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