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The Great British Grooming Co. For ‘The Manliest Of Faces.’

Well slap me silly and call me a daffodil. The guys over at The Great British Grooming Co are saying their product is designed for ‘The manliest of faces….’

I hope the guys at The Great British Grooming Co (TGBGC) don’t mind a parrot nosed, below average height, pigeon chested blogger from Yorkshire using their lovely (can I say ‘lovely’ when trying to be manly?) grooming products? Perhaps I should attempt to chisel my jaw line and be less effeminate when smiling and shaving? Nah, I’m taking the hit, I’m having a shower and I’m using my bloody TGBGC products!

Exfoliating Face Scrub


First I grab my Exfoliating Face Scrub. In the past I have fallen for using some pretty cheap and harsh scrubs that can really tear away at my skin leaving me with blemishes being agitated and disturbed. This product is so unbelievably anti harsh I had to check twice this was in fact a ‘scrub.’

This Scrub is light in texture and breath-taking in scent. A very flowery odour leaves you not wanting to wash this off your face in any hurry. And don’t make the mistake I made by using a lot. You only need a pea sized amount used 2-3 times weekly. Filled with Volcanic Ash to unblock those dirty pores and deeply cleanse into your skin. I can’t fault this product in any way.

Hydrating Moisturiser


So next to use the Hydrating Moisturiser. Don’t forget when you dry your face remember to only ever use a clean towel and pat the skin dry. DO NOT RUB.

If it’s possible this product exceeds the Face Scrub. By exceeds I mean it’s hugely refreshing when gently massaged onto the face and neck. It feels like a cool after sun lotion and the odour is, like the scrub, flowery and unbelievably refreshing. My skin looks clean and is shine free. This is also filled with Volcanic Ash and Argan Oil which are ingredients that easily moisturise into the skin leaving not a single speckle of residue.

The Great British Grooming Co you firstly grabbed my attention with your alpha male slogans and modern man grooming promises. And you leave with me giving you a huge hats off, even though the hat on my head is still on a very un-manly face.

Thanks for reading,

Stephen George


Have you ever used The Great British Grooming Co products ? If so what are your favorite products? I would love to hear from you!


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