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Tropic Skincare.

‘Tropic’ is a brand I was totally unfamiliar with before I received the Look Sharp Sensitive Shave Cream and the Energy Boost Daily Moisturiser. However after sampling both products this is a brand I won’t forget.

Firstly to the Shave Cream which is filled with golden jojoba oil which softens the beard to allow that perfect clean cut shave. The softness of this 2 in 1 product allows you to shave without any added harshness to your skin, especially if like me you suffer from a shaving rash from time to time.

Next onto the Daily Moisturiser. I have to be honest, the scent of this moisturiser didn’t sit well with me, however the application and overall feel made up for that. This product is very light in feel and keeps your skin feeling fresh throughout the day, which isn’t usually the case with most moisturisers. This product is filled with green tea and coffee extract to recharge dull feeling skin.

Tropic, thank you for the samples, your kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed.

To shop the Tropic full range, click here.

Thanks for reading,

Stephen George 

Have you ever used Tropic Skincare before ? If so what are your favorite products? I would love to hear from you!


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