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Twisted London comes to Leeds

Twisted London at Trinity Leeds

Leeds is now fortunate enough to have the wonderful guys over from delivery only restaurant, Twisted London.

A delivery only restaurant, ‘tell us more’ I hear you yell, don’t worry I will.

After the huge success the London location has had, Twisted London decided to head to the bigger and brighter city of Leeds (biased) where if you’re in a 2 mile radius of Trinity Kitchen (based in Trinity Leeds shopping centre) then you can order you’re meal online through Uber Eats.

Before I was kindly invited over I was asked to pick from the huge menu on offer where I was greeted by names such as ‘Hashtag’, ‘The Money Shot’ and ‘Hot Swayzee.’ Yes the guys and gals over at Twisted certainly know how to grab your attention with the intriguing names. But let’s get down to business, what about the taste?

Remember to book your Trinity London meal through Uber Eats

This particular day I was feeling a bit adventurous and more specifically in the mood for 6oz juicy beef patty, panko crumbed Emmental cheese, smoked cheese sauce, chilli jam, parmesan, brioche bun. (Halal) – which worked out well as on the menu just happened to be ‘The Money Shot.

When greeted with The Money Shot, what was in front of me was potentially the biggest and most inviting burger I’ve ever laid eyes on, and let me tell you I’ve been in the presence of some bloody big burgers.

I was presented with the task of taking my time with this beast and nibbling away at it for the sake of some Insta worthy photos, but as soon as I laid eyes on the dripping melted cheese it was luring me in like a flirtatious vixen and I had to get stuck into it instantly.

I was not dissapointed. The flavours and taste of the beef added together with the perfectly toasted bun with all this dripping cheese was enough to make me totally forget that any other restaurant exist as I’m clearly only ever eating here forever more. Goodbye abs.

In all it’s glory meet, The Money Shot

As well as adventurous I was also feeling a little kinky which obviously meant accompanying The Money Shot with ‘Naked Fries.’

These hand cut fries covered in smoked salt and garlic butter mayo were the perfect side order to match the quality of my burger.

If you’re dining in a group or a couple then you’ve got a huge basket of fries to get through here. Delicious to say the least.

The Money Shot and Naked Fries

The menu at Twisted London offers something for everyone. When you hear of a new restaurant opening specialising in delicious burgers you might automatically rule out any vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options. In this case not.

The Hot Vegan consists of panko crumbed vegan ‘chicken’, vegan chilli buffalo sauce, slaw, vegan ranch sauce, vegan bun.

You then have the gluten free burgers The Chuck Boris, a 6oz brisket & chuck beef patty, gem lettuce, tomato, gherkin, mustard, ketchup, toasted gluten free bun. (Halal), and second option, The Mighty Steakout, a 6oz Chuck and Brisket patty topped with succulent sophisticated Onglet steak. Oozing with flavourful red onion marmalade, garlic butter, French mustard, and pickles, sandwiched between a tasty toasted brioche bun. (Halal)

All burgers come with ‘Twisted’ branding on the bun, a nice touch!

If you love delicious and mouth watering food then you’ll be ordering from Twisted London the next time you’re in Leeds. You’ll thank me later.

Don’t forget to download the Uber Eats app.

The first bite

*This was a gifted experience from the lovely people at Twisted London. All views are honest and my own 🙂

To visit the Twisted London menu click here.

To order through the Uber App click here.


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