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What is Grooming?


To look well in the presence of others is surely the way to maintaining a life filled with endless success, finding the woman of your dreams and being a stand out figure in a world filled with prosperous opportunities.

Well, looking well is only the start. There must be more to it? Grooming was considered a taboo subject in the not so distant past, where a quick dip in a bath and a splash of brut was considered enough. But now, precise grooming is a must in an era filled with unprecedented advertisements baring the faces of chiselled jaw lines, flawless complexions, immaculate white smiles and hair that wouldn’t shift if King Kong farted.

I’m here to find out if our appearance should be tackled face on, without the world looking down on us judging our every wrinkle and blemish.

Follow me on a journey where I’ll experiment with different brands and products in finding exactly what products and services I should and shouldn’t be using on my body to feel and look confident and do I need to chase today’s “in” crowd telling me how I should groom myself.

Stephen George

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