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What is ‘Travel?’

Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, Thialand

Travel can be an adventurous journey for an individual or group seeking opportunity and stimulation, where one can broaden their mind to the idea of contrasting cultures and diverse societies.

I thank my lucky stars every day that I was born in a time where I have an unprecedented amount of options as to where I can wander. To be fortunate as I am in a time where endless forms of transport are at my very fingertips, to be able to visit wherever I want, whenever I want.

To some, Travel may be stopping by your local park near your home in the town you grew up in, never to leave, to others Travel is flying around the world, visiting glamorous beaches or innovative cities.

Whatever Travel means to you, never stop. Go explore the world we live in, it’s forever changing and adapting to the fast paced life of the 21st Century. Travel will make you appreciate where you live or could even make you brave enough to start a new venturesome life somewhere you have only ever dreamed of .

To the cynics who say you need a lot of money to Travel, I’ll be looking at how you can explore on a budget, near and far, where money isn’t a priority in opening your eyes to the wonders of a world filled with beauty and fascination.


Stephen George 

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