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Zeos For Men. Anti-Ageing Miracles.


When I open my grooming gifts from the guys at Zeos I can’t help but feel the most masculine I’ve ever felt. I mean ‘Zeos’ as a name for grooming products. ‘Zeos’??  I feel like Zeus (yes I’m aware it’s spelt differently), the Greek God of sky and thunder who ruled as the king of God, dominated Greece and left a legendary legacy behind in his name.  I’ll settle as being a blogger from Leeds, for now.

So would the legend Zeus, have used Zeos For Men back in his day? Let’s find out.

Before I use any product I’m keen to read the descriptive packaging and see what this product can offer me over another brand.

The word ‘Resistem’ is mentioned a lot. From my research Resistem is an anti-ageing bodyguard of the skin, which naturally decreases the level of pro-ageing agents while reducing the toxin induced inflammations. Research has shown that Resistem has proven to reduce redness of the skin, sooth the skin and improve the overall complexion and glow of the skin. If any of this this is true, get me involved.

ZEOS® For Men QU3 Hair & Body Shower Gel



Hair and body shower gel.

I start my shower routine with the hair and body shower gel. This has a very soft and light texture to it, but to be honest I’m totally aware at this point that there’s not a lot of scent, in fact almost zero scent to the product. But the subtle smell that I can notice isn’t overwhelming, it’s just right.

At first I’m disappointed but does hair and shower gel need to have such an overwhelming, poignant stench? Probably not, I have deodorant and aftershave for that. It feels delightfully soft and cleans the skin magnificently.








ZEOS® For Men QU3 Face Wash

Face wash.

I’m constantly on the go and I spend a lot of time in the gym and in the city so my face is forever being battered in harsh and cruel conditions.

As I write this review I’m into my 5th day using this product morning and night and I’m overwhelmed. Once the products is wet and lathered onto your face and neck, the smooth texture means there is no harshness on your face.

My face genuinely has a glow, my skin feels hydrated and my blemishes are fading.









ZEOS® For Men QU3 Face Scrub




Face scrub.

As with the face wash this product is filled with natural ingredients packed with Vitamins E & B5. Vitamin E has ingredients that help fight against any nasty, unwanted pollutants in the air and B5 is a natural ingredient which allows the product to easily moisturise, sooth and heal the skin.

The scrub, like the hair & body wash and face wash has a slight smell, but this is coconut esc, delicate but enough to notice. The scrub isn’t harsh in the slightest and works into the skin beautifully. This scrub removes dead skin cells and I’m feeling rejuvenated and healthy.

If you’re constantly outside in different environments the ingredients used here will benefit you hugely. The Vitamin E in this product will also help reduce wrinkles and keep the face smooth and fresh.





ZEOS® For Men QU3 Face & Body Moisturiser



Face and Body Moisturiser.

Probably the best part about this range is finishing your wash routine with this cool and soothing moisturiser. The look and feel of the product is thick and creamy and once applied on the skin it soon cools and blends away leaving nothing but a clean, healthy, hydrated look and feel.

The massive appeal of this moisturiser is once applied your skin will fell, look healthy and be stress free all day long so there’s never a need to re-apply.










Zeos I’m overwhelmed by the results. You have delivered in every way possible. Thank you.

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Stephen George.

Have you ever used the Zeos For Men range? If so what are your favorite products? I would love to hear from you!


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